I loved it, thank you! It was only a bit “late” in life (yeah I’m only 23) that I’ve come to know myself better in terms of kinks and personality. Ever since my teenage years, I used to make myself happy based on how much I could do for my close friends — that is, if I could make someone smile or feel better, the same would apply to me. It became sorta like a copping mechanism, and a bad one. Today I know better how to respect my limits, how to focus on my needs (there’s much to improve though), but I’ll still devote myself to help someone who looks helpless (although this is obviously altruism, my point is the pleasure from serving).

I also used to think if it was ok for a (sigh) straight man to be submissive, a “bottom” if you will…but who cares about how I act when alone with a SO? Girls who take the lead and show their power while I’m blushing to death are sexy as hell! The pleasure is way stronger when I know the other person is being satisfied by me, that I’ve been given such confidence. And it well applies to many other aspects of my life, I think I kinda neglected it for a while.

There’s much more I could say on this matter but that would be better in a separate post itself.

He/They. Newbie web developer, writes and overshares mostly about mental health. Tech, cats and cute things. May write in EN or PT-BR.

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